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By combining a cultivated response to the portrayal of the human figure throughout art history with a vibrancy of colour, quality of mark making and confidence of draughtsmanship, I aim to convey my commitment to the language of painting as relevant and progressive. 
My artworks are a move to explore our collective relationship with love, history, sex and politics - interweaving personal experience with broader contemplation on issues of our present moment. Suggestive rather than direct, my paintings are poetical narratives, with subject matter and approach granted equal weight.
Whilst varied, my methods connect visually and thematically; tensions between intelligence and sensation, realism and abstraction, stasis and motion echo across the work. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of sources, I combine a propensity toward frequent shifts between scale, media and styles with a strong emphasis on craft. Colour, gesture and material are pitted against one another in unexpected ways. Elaborate layering of visuals, symbolic forms and skewed cultural references produces a complexity of representation at once markedly different and strangely familiar.
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